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What is Access?

Definition – What does Access mean?

Access or Microsoft Access is a popular database application for Windows. It enables users to create a custom database that store information in an organized structure. The software program also provides a visual interface for creating custom forms, tables and queries. Data can be entered into the Access database using the visual forms or basic spreadsheet interface. The information stored within the access database can be searched, browsed and accessed from other programs such as web services.

Glossary Web explains Access

While Microsoft Access is a proprietary DBMS (Database Management System), it is compatible with other database programs since the program support Open Database Connectivity. This Windows software enables data to be sent to and from other database programs such as Oracle, FoxPro, MS SQL, and Filemaker Pro, etc. The compatibility also enables Access to serve as the back end for the database-driven website. In fact, ASP .NET, Expression Web and Microsoft Front have built-in support for Access databases. For this reason, websites hosted on Microsoft Windows server often use Access databases for producing dynamic content.

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