What is Algorithm?

Definition – What does Algorithm mean?

The algorithm is a set of instructions that are designed to perform specific tasks. The task may be a simple process such as adding two numbers or a complicated operating such as playing a compressed video file. The term Algorithm also is known as a step by step method of solving a problem and commonly used for data processing, calculation, and all the other computer-related tasks and operations. Search engines use algorithms to display the most relevant results from the search index for queries.

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The algorithm is widely used throughout all the area of Information Technology (IT). In computer programming, the algorithms are often built as functions, and these functions serve as the small programs that can be referenced by a massive program. An image editing software may contain algorithms designed to process all the image data such as resizing, cropping and color enhancement, etc.

In many cases, there are several ways to perform a specific operating within the program. Therefore, programmers seek to create the most efficient algorithms possible. By using a powerful algorithm, programmers can ensure their programs run fast as possible and use minimal system resources. All the algorithms are not created the first time perfectly. Therefore programmers improve their existing algorithm and include them in future program update.

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