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What is Bezel?

Definition – What does Bezel mean?

Bazel is a term that is used to describe the outside frame of the computer, monitor or any of the other computer devices. It is important for all the product developers and designers in evaluating the overall perimeter of the device and its possible ramifications. Latest devices such as iPad have extremely narrow bezels that enable for more screen. This has become an increasingly important factor for all kind of consumers.

Glossary Web explains Bezel

A screen bezel, or monitor bezel, is the area that surrounds the screen such as if a monitor has a one-inch bezel, the screen is surrounded by one-inch of plastic. If a monitor’s bezel width is different on the sides than the top/bottom of the screen, the bezel requirement will include individual capacities for each side. As displays have changed, bezel widths have usually gotten smaller. Thinner bezels help exploit the screen real-estate of laptops and make several desktop displays look more like a single screen when placed side-by-side.

In a computer, the bezel is the front face of the system unit. Most of the computer bezels include having openings for one or many drive bays. All these slots enable you to add devices such as optical drive or an additional internal hard disk drive, and when extra drives are not installed, these bays are typically covered by plates that are the same color as the bezel but are not the official part of the bezel.

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