What is Bidirectional?

Definition – What does Bidirectional mean?

Bidirectional is a communication mode that is capable of transmitting data in both upcoming and outgoing directions, but not at the same time. It is also known as the printer port mode that was first introduced in 1987 by IBM with the introduction of the PS/2 computer. The bidirectional port is an 8-bit port capable of conveying between 75 and 30 KBps, available as either a type 1 or 3 port that used a DMA.

Glossary Web explains Bidirectional

When talking about a printer itself, Bidirectional may refer to the printer’s ability to print a line in both directions, and when talking about the communicating with the printer, it means that the computer and printer communicate with each other in real-time.

The Bidirectional Printers also have the ability to talk back to the user computer in order to advise their computer from a printer’s status, paper status and more. This two-way communication technology can be found in most of the popular printers such as IBM, HP and Panasonic etc.

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