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What is Camera RAW?

Definition – What does Camera RAW mean?

The camera RAW image is an unprocessed photograph that is mostly captured with a digital camera. It includes the raw image data taken by the camera’s sensor that is saved in a file format specific to the camera manufacturer. By default, most of the digital cameras process and compress photos as JPEG files directly after capturing the image. The processing automatically applies the suitable color correction, and the JPEG compression significantly reduces the image size. The result is an efficiently processed JPEG image.

Glossary Web explains Camera RAW

While .JPG images are suitable for most uses, most of the professional photographers prefer to control how each image is processed. Therefore, numerous high-end cameras have the capability to shoot in RAW mode instead of JPEG. The raw files are unprocessed that enabled the photographer to adjust settings like exposure, white balance easily, and capacity after the image has been captured. Instead of applying lossy .JPG compression that reduces the image quality, RAW mode also saves files in a losslessly compressed format.

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