What is Card reader?


Definition – What does Card reader mean?

The card reader is a data input device that read data from flash memory cards. It can be a standalone device that connects to the computer via USB, or it may be integrated into a computer or other multifunction device. In most of the multifunction devices such as printer and scanners now have built-in card readers. Most card readers accept different card formats such as compact flash, secure digital and Sony’s Memory Stick. Some card readers accept multiple formats such as XD, Microdrive, SmartMedia and more.

Glossary Web explains Card reader

There three major types of card readers are available to use such as Memory Card Reader, Magnetic Card Reader and Business Card Reader. A memory card reader is a device especially used for communication with a smart card or a memory card. The magnetic card is an input device used to read magnetic stripe card including credit cards. A business card reader is a modern input device that helps users to scan and electronically save printed business cards. Memory Card Reader most often contains images from a digital camera; a photo organization program may automatically open when the user inserts a memory card into the user card reader. This provides a simple way of importing their images into their photo album.

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