What is CD-R?

CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) is a blank CD that can record data written by a CD burner. CD-R Recordable word is used because it often used to record audio that can be played back by most CD players. However, many kinds of data can also be written to the CD-R, so the discs are also referred to as writable disc or CD.

Data that is burned onto a CD-R disc is permanent that means it can’t be erased or altered like the data on a hard disc drive. Usually, once a CD has burned, it’ll not be able to record any data.

Some compact disc burning software programs can record data as sessions that allow a disc to be written to many times until it is full. Each session of burning creates a new partition on the disc that means a computer will read a disc with many sessions as many discs. On the other hand CD-RWs (Compact-Disc Writable), can be erased and completely re-recorded.

Unlike Compact Disc-Recordable, the data on Compact-Disc Writable cannot be altered that means the disc has to be completely erased each time you want to add new data.

Martin Adler

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