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What is Circuit?

Definition – What does Circuit mean?

In electronics, the circuit is a closed path that enables electricity to flow from one point to another. The circuit may include several electrical components including transistors, and capacitors, but the flow is unhindered by a gap in the circuit. A flashlight is a most common example of the basic circuit. When the switch is off, the circuitof the board is not closed that means the electrical current will not flow from the battery to the flashlight’s bulb, and when you ON the switch, a piece of metal in the flashlight closes the hole in the circuit. Electricity from the battery then flows to the bulb making it light up.

Glossary Web explains Circuit

In computer science, the term circuit is used more liberally and may be used to refer a circuit board or an integrated circuit. The internal working of the computer and all the other electronic devices are included of these components that may each contain thousands of individual circuits. The massive amount of circuits inside computers that enable them to route data to different locations and perform complicated calculations. Latest computer’s processors have several circuits and transistors, and they can perform billions of instructions every second.

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