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What is Clip Art?

Definition – What does Clip Art mean?

The term Clip art is a collection of images that can be imported into the document or another platform or program. These images may be either raster graphics or the vector graphics. The clip art galleries may include anywhere from a few images to thousands of images. Clip art is normally organized into different categories including people, objects, nature, etc. that is especially helpful when browsing through thousands of images.

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Most of the clip art images also have keywords related to them. Most clip art computer programs also enable you to search for images based on the keywords and when you find a clip art image you want to use, copy it to your computer’s clipboard and paste it into the program such as Microsoft Word or Photoshop. You may also option be able to transfer the image to the computer’s desktop or another folder on your hard drive. Mostly clip art is royalty free that means you can use the clip art images without giving royalties to the designers of the images.

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