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What is CMOS?

Definition – What does CMOS mean?

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is a technology that is used to produce integrated circuits, and these circuits are found in numerous types of electronic components such as microprocessors, digital camera, and batteries, etc. The transistors of CMOS are known for their effective use of electrical power. They require no current except when they are changing from one to another state.

Glossary Web explains CMOS

The word MOS in CMOS refers to the transistors in a CMOS circuit that are known as MOSFETs. The metal portion of the name is a bit misleading, as latest MOSFETs often use polysilicon instead of aluminum as the conductive material. Each transistor in CMOS includes two terminals such as source and drain and a gate that is protected from the body of the transistor, when enough voltage is applied on the body and gate, electrons can flow between the source and terminals.

The other part of CMOS refers to the two different types of semiconductors, and each transistor contains both N-type and P-type. The N-type semiconductors have a greater attentiveness of electrons than holes or places where an electron could exist. Ant the P-type semiconductors have a greater concentration of holes compared to electrons. Both semiconductors work together and may form logic gates based on how the circuit is intended.

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