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What is Deprecated?

Definition – What does Deprecated mean?

In software development, deprecated refers to functions that are in the process of being replaced by newer ones. The term comes deprecated from the word deprecate that means to disapprove of something. While the term deprecated may work in the current version of a programming language, it may not function in future updates. Most of the professional software developers are advised to replace this item with other options.

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As programming languages advance, functions are replaced with newer and more efficient options. Such as in PHP, the reg() function that is used to search for matching strings was deprecated in favor of the preg_match() function that is faster and more flexible. While the ereg() may work with current PHP installations, it may not be supported in advance versions of PHP. Therefore, programmers are discouraged to rely on the ereg() function and are fortified to updated their code to use to preg_match() function instead. In HTML, functions such as tags and attributes may be deprecated from one version to the next. While the latest browsers may still interpret these tags, they are not guaranteed to work, and therefore should be avoided.

The process of deprecating elements in a programming language is known as depreciation. This process lasts for numerous versions of the language that provides programmers, developers, plenty of time to update their code. Most software development environments also alert developers when deprecated items are being used. All these warnings help programmers remove deprecated items before they cause code errors or other problems in their program.

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