What is Digital Camera?


Definition – What does Digital Camera mean?

Digital Camera or Digicam is a camera that captures and store photographs in digital memory. Lots of latest models are also able to capture sound and video, in addition to still images. The optical system of a digital camera works like a film camera that is a lens and diaphragm are used to adjust digital image sensor light. It equips amateur and all the professional photographers with several automated control functions.

Glossary Web explains Digital Camera

Digital Camera is integrated with a massive range of digital devices that range from personal digital assistants and mobile phones to the Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes. Electronic photography is adaptable and compatible with email, TV and computer LCD, the web and may be stored on the computer. Some Digital Camera has a built-in GPS receiver that is used to produce geo-tagged photographs.

One of the most prominent advantages of digital cameras is that the user makes photos in both inexpensive and fast because there is no film processing. Digital Camera comes in an array of size, features and prices such as Compact Digital Camera, DSLR, Bride Camera and Mirrorless Interchangeable lens camera etc. Each one has its own unique features, size and price.

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