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What is Domain?

Definition – What does Domain mean?

In the context of networking, domain refers to any group of users, devices, computers and database servers that share different kinds of data via the network resources. The domain also has a domain controller that governs all the basic domain functions and manages overall network security. So the domain is used to manage all user functions such as username, passwords and shared system resources authentication and access. The term domain is also used to assign specific resources privileges including user accounts.

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While the domain can be set up by using different kinds of networking software such as applications from Oracle, Windows users are likely familiar with Windows Network Domains. This option is built into the Windows and enables users to join or create a domain easily. The domain may be password-protected. Once a user connected to the domain, the user is able to view other PCs within the domain and can browse the shared files available on the linked systems.

Microsoft Windows XP users can browse Windows Network Domains by choosing the My Network Places option. You can also be able to generate your own domain by using the Network Setup Wizard. Mac users using Mac OS X10.2 in order to connect to the Windows Network by clicking the Network program on the left side of an open window. That will enable you to browse local Mac and Windows networks using the SMB protocol.

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