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What is Dot Matrix?

Definition – What does Dot Matrix mean?

Dot Matrix has the definition of a grid of points that are focused on filling a position selectively and ending up producing an image on paper or visual on the screen. The printer used for such images becomes the dot-matrix printer and completes the task by striking pins against the ink ribbon.

Glossary Web explains Dot Matrix

The display for dot matrix comes forth with the help of dots that represent the image and give it more clear and accurate viewing. The quality of the picture depends on the number of dots, hence, the more the dots, better the image resolution, the lesser they are, quality decreases accordingly. The example of an alphabet A helps us to understand the process better. If we use an 8X8 matrix, the alphabet still displays, but the quality for the same alphabet while using 16×16 dot matrix becomes much higher.

The best application for dot matrix is the computer monitor that uses pixels to display the output on the screen. Another application is the bitmap images that uses the dot representation, and if we closely look at the pictures and screen, we do see small dots that make up an image or output.

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