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What is Download?

Definition – What does Download mean?

The word Download can be used as a verb or a noun. As a verb, download refers to the process of receiving data over the network. As a noun, Download may refer to a file that is retrieved from the internet or the process of downloading files. The term Download is often associated with images, videos, songs, and programs. Downloading is opposite to uploading, or sending data to another system over the network.

Glossary Web explains Download

You can also download data using the medium besides the web application. Such as you can download any kind of files using the FTP programs, download mails messages with the email client and download computer program updates directly through your operating system. You can also be able to initiate a download though most downloads happen automatically manually. Your mobile phones may also download emails and application updates in the background without you knowing it.

While you can download a file m, the term download may also refer to the files itself. A common way you might see download used as the noun in an online advertisement that normally says Free Download. This phrase implies and hitting the download link will download can also be used to link the word transfer to define the process of downloading data. i.e., the computer program may display a status that says Download in progress or Download complete.

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