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What is Drag and Drop?

Definition – What does Drag and Drop mean?

Drag and Drop is a common technique performed within the GUI (graphical user interface) in which the user selects an object by grabbing it and dragging it to the new locations or onto another location or onto another virtual object. It can be used to invoke many kinds of actions or create multiple types of associations between two abstract objects. As a feature, it support is not found in all software, though it is sometimes fast and easy to learn the technique.

Glossary Web explains Drag and Drop

Using the Drag and Drop technique is intended to be simple for the user to move or copy items, if the user using a mouse, he can drag and drop an item by clicking on them to select an object and then  move the mouse while keeping the mouse button pushed down. Once the user moved the object where he wants to place it, he can lift up the mouse to drop the object in the new location. If the user using a touchscreen device, he can select an item by touching and then drag the item by moving his finger across the screen to the location where he wants to place. In order to drop the item, simply lift a finger off the screen.

Drag and Drop are considered an important program construction approach in various end-user systems. In contrast to more, text-based programming languages and other end-user programming languages are based on the visual components including tiles or icon that are manipulated by end users through the drag and drop method. The system also features in many shader editing programs for graphics tools including Blender. Drag and Drop also feature in some video game engines such as GameMaker: Studios, Construct 2 and Unreal Engine etc.

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