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What is DVD-R?

Definition – What does DVD-R mean?

DVD-R (Digital Versatile Disc Recordable) looks same as the normal DVD or CD, but it can be used to record data. Once the DVD-R has burned, it can’t be burned again. Just like other recordable devices or discs, it also allows you to store any kind of document and media files. The basic single-sided DVD-R disc can store 4.7GB of data, and the double-sided discs can store more than 8.5GB of data.

Glossary Web explains DVD-R

The first DVD-R disc was introduced in 1997 by the Pioneer Corporation, it cloud store approximately 3.5GBs of data. Today the majority of DVD players and is accepted by the DVD forum an international organization that uses and develops DVD as well as HD DVD formats for software, hardware, and media.

DVD-R disc is a most common format for writable DVDs as compared the DVD+R and DVD-RAM formats. Most of the DVD player and DVD-ROM drives can read the DVD-R disc that means you can use this disc to several backup GBs of data on your computer or make your own video disc. The DVD-R is similar to the DVD+R but has two different standard such as DVD-R (g) and DVD-R (a). The DVD-R (g) uses 635-nanometer recording wavelength, and DVD-R (a) has a 650-nanometer wavelength for copy protection.

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