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What is Email Address?

Definition – What does Email Address mean?

An email address is a unique ID for an email account. It is used to send and receive emails over the network. Just like physical mail, an email message requires an address for both the sender and receiver to be sent successfully. All the email address has two parts such as a username and domain name; the username comes. First that is followed by @ symbol and then followed by the domain name. When an email message is sent the sending mail server checks for another mail server on the network that links with the domain name of the receiver’s address. If the user exists, the message will be delivered successfully.

Glossary Web explains Email Address

While the basic email address consists of username and domain name, most of the email clients and web-mail systems contain names with email addresses. An email address that includes a name is formatted with the name first, followed by the email address is enclosed in angle supports. Email can be sent to receivers with or without a name next to the email address. Though, emails sent to addresses that contain a name are less likely to be filtered as spam. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to fill in your complete name when setting up an email account. Most of the email clients and webmail systems will automatically include the name in your sending email address.

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