What is Emoticon?

Definition – What does Emoticon mean?

The term Emoticon comes from two different words such as emotion and icon and refers to facial expressions represented by keyboard characters. The first emoticon was made of ASCII text characters. Latest emoticons as used on the popular modern messaging platforms that are engineered and designed icons rather than a collection of text characters. For example, the emoticon 🙂 represents a happy face. By inserting the emoticon into the message, you can help the recipient better understand the feeling you want to get across.

Glossary Web explains Emoticon

While most of the Emoticon expressions, they have branched out to symbolize many other things such as objects, animals and actions. Some Emoticon is also meant to be read left-to-right while the others are displayed vertically. Kaomoji Emoticon that is originated in Japan and normally uses Japanese symbols and uncommon characters in order to create Emoticons. The popularity of text-based emotions led to the creation of actual emojis or icons. Emojis are also was known as emoticons are now part of the standard character set in the most mobile and desktop operating systems that means you can easily insert actual smiley faces instead of using a string of characters.

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