Definition – What does Ethernet mean?

Ethernet is a standard way to link computers on the network over the wired connection. It offers a simple interface for connecting several devices such as computer, switches, and routers With a single router and few Ethernet cables, you can easily create a complete LAN (local area network) that allow all connected device in order to communicate with each other. The common Ethernet cable is slightly thicker than the normal phone cable and has an RJ45 connector on end. The ports of the Ethernet is similar to telephone jacks, but are slightly wider. You can easily plug-in and out device on the Ethernet network without harming them.

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Most of the Ethernet devices are backward compatible with all the lower-speed Ethernet cables and devices. However, the connection will be as fast as the common denominator. While the Ethernet is still the standard wired networking, it has replaced in multiple areas by wireless networks. Wi-Fi network enables you to connect your laptop or mobile devices to the network without being tethered to the wall by the cable. The standard Wi-Fi 802.11 ac even offers faster maximum data transmission rates than Gigabit Ethernet.The wired connections are less prone to interference and are quite secure as compared to wireless networks that are why most of the businesses are organizations still use Ethernet network for communication.