What is Federal Communications Commission IDentification (FCC ID)?

Definition – What does Federal Communications Commission IDentification (FCC ID) mean?

Federal Communications Commission Identification is a digital number found on almost every piece of computer hardware. The number is useful for finding information about the manufacturing company of the hardware devices or other important information if no other number can be found.

Glossary Web explains Federal Communications Commission IDentification (FCC ID)

Federal Communications Commission Identification number consists of two different elements such as a grantee code and an equipment products code. An ID is assigned to all devices subject to certification. The grantee code, the first part of the FCC ID, is either a three or a five-character alphanumeric string representing the Grantee. The Product Code is the second and main portion of the FCC ID that starts after the grantee code. It includes hyphens or dashes sign. The product code is assigned by the Grantee.

Federal Communications Commission IDentification number listed on computer equipment should resemble on different formats such as FCCID: AAOXXXXXX, FCCID: DZL211029, FCCID: B4Z-34009-PIR and FCCID: LKD1.

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