What is Fill Handle?


Definition – What does Fill Handle mean?

Fill Handle is a command used in Microsoft Excel through which the user can extend and fill the list of numbers and other information such as results, symbols, and text along with dates to as many cells as they want.

Glossary Web explains Fill Handle

When the system is active and application running then the symbol for fill handle is located at the bottom right corner of the page and used to perform the task with just one click. The simple example of this case is when the user enters a value of 2 in the first cell and the value of 5 in the second cell. Now if they want to move the digits to another location on the same page, they just use the fill handle command and spread the information to other blocks in series.

The process of performing the action is simple, where a person just selects the two cells that have the present value, then they just click the fill handle option and move the mouse button to the desired blocks for placing the numerical value. The process is simple, and most people already have the information of how to perform the task.

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