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What is Fios?

Definition – What does Fios (Fiber Optic Service) mean?

Fios (Fiber Optic Service) by Verizon is a telecommunication network that uses fiber optic cables in order to transfer data. The service consisted a fiber to the premises service since it carries fiber optic data transmission to residential homes as well as businesses. The network support data transfer rates of 940Mbps downstream and 880Mbps upstream.

Glossary Web explains Fios (Fiber Optic Service)

Verizon offers multiple Verizon services such as Fios Internet, Fios Digital Voice, and Fios TV. Fios internet offers a high-speed broadband connection to the internet where Verizon serves as the ISP. Fios Digital Voice offers similar service as compared to traditional telephone service. It also provides a phone number and supports both local and international calls. The Fios TV service offers HD television service and provides more than 400 national and international channels, similar to cable televisions.

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