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What is Form Factor?

Definition – What does Form Factor mean?

Form Factor is a mathematical term that helps with the compensation of irregularities whenever an object is built and refers to the calculation of the volume of the object and the size of the full item along with the lengths and breaths.

Glossary Web explains Form Factor

For computing devices, the form factor is the total dimension including the size, arrangement, and configuration of the computer. The few objects that fall into the category of these are the surface of the CPU that may include the motherboard. When it comes to a software program, then it is the total memory of the computer code written in a programming language instead of just the number of lines as size.

The best example, in this case, is that of a notebook that comes in various sizes and shapes depending on the application and requirement. Ultrabook is the category of tablets that have smaller sizes and thin bodies. The netbook is lower than others and lowers power requirement that connects with the system through a wireless system. Tablet is the smallest computer that people use at homes without having to connect with a source or peripheral devices.

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