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What is FQDN?

Definition – What does FQDN mean?

Fully Qualified Domain Name is a domain name that includes a hostname. i.e., the URL is an FQDN since it contains a hostname www and a domain The domain name is not fully capable because it does not include a hostname. A Fully Qualified Domain Name can be broken down into three parts such as Hostname, Domain and Top-level domain (TLD). An official domain name has the format [hostname]. [domain]. [tld], the hostname can be used to specify services for a single domain.

Glossary Web explains FQDN

Subdomains can also be used as a website addresses are also fully capable domain names. i.e., CNET uses the as its official website but uses the subdomain for its download hosting site. The FQDN uses as the same protocol but directs visitors to the different website.

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