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What is Gbps?

Delimitation – What does is Gbps mean?

Gbps stands for GigaBits or GigaBytes Per Second is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed between hardware devices. For many years, data transfer speed only measured in Kbps and Mbps. However, advanced devices can now transfer data over Gbps that make it a necessary unit of measurement.

Glossary Web Explains Gbps.

The measurement is a standard used in data and telecommunications services to describe the size of data transfer rates. Gbps world is considered the largest measurement of data transfer as compared to a smaller unit of Mbps.

To understand gigabytes per second, it’s necessary to understand that modern data rate measurements are often based on bytes rather than a single bit. Data storage and data transfer capacities are commonly referred to in terms of bytes or kilobytes. To get rates in bits, you just need to convert measurements accordingly. Google announced a project to offer direct fiber-to-home services with a speed of more than one Gbps.

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