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What is Gigahertz?

Definition – What does Gigahertz mean?

Gigahertz, also known a GHz is a measurement unit for alternating current and electromagnetic wave frequency of higher levels. It has the value of one billion hertz per second and becomes one of the biggest groups that exist when measuring quantity.

Glossary Web explains Gigahertz

One Gigahertz has one billion cycles per second, and the speeds become extremely fast, this equals to 1,000,000,000 Hz and for a computing system defines itself like a clock frequency that shows the cycle of the time taken with other names including the clock rate and clock speed.

For example, if a processor has a speed of 100 GHz, it means that it runs the clock for 100 billion times in each second. Various instructions continue within the device, and each requires distinct cycles, this factor helps to define the final speed of the system and sometimes one system works at a lesser speed than the other even with the same value. The oscillation cycle gives a small amount of current to the crystal at each second and then has its calculation as kilo or megahertz. For most cases, the faster the processor, the bigger the number of GHz for that device.

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