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What is GPU?


Definition – What does the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) mean?

Graphics Processing Unit is a processor device that is designed to handle all the graphics operations and functions. Its feature includes both 2D and 3D calculations, AutoCAD, Texture mapping, Support for YUV color space and MPEG, etc. All these features are designed to lessen the work of the CPU and produce faster graphics and videos. GPU is not only used in a PC on the video card or motherboard, but it also used in mobile devices, display adapters, and video game consoles.

Glossary Web explains GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

The primary function of graphics processing units is to render 3D graphics that are comprised of polygons. Since most polygonal transformations include decimal numbers, GPU is designed to perform all the floating point operations that specialized design enables GPUs to render graphics more professionally than even the fastest CPUs. The term GPU is also known as a VPU (Visual Processing Unit).

While the graphics processing units excel at rendering graphics, the raw power of a GPU can also be designed for other purposes. Most of the operating systems and computer programs now support GPGPU or general-purpose computation on GPUs. Technologies like OpenCL also allow developers to utilize the GPU in order to assist the CPU in non-graphics computations. This can enhance the overall performance of a computer or all the other electronic devices that have GPU circuit.

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