What is Headset?


Definition – What does Headset mean?

The headset is a device that comes as a collection of earphones and microphone and used for the purpose of communicating with others through internet and telephone or radio communication and usually confused as either a headphone or earphone.

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Although many terms are used for such devices and they all come with a few differences, but the main type is known as a headset that, as stated above, has a microphone and the rear end and audio pads at the upper end. The purpose is simple, where the microphone helps with the communication of each other such as speaking to another person over the internet at applications such as Skype and Facebook, whereas the headphones help with the listening of sound coming from the other end.

The microphone is moveable that helps with setting it according to the requirement whereas the sound barriers become fixed. When we talk about earphones, they are just the devices that help with the listening of sound coming from either the phone or the computer. Whereas headphones are larger in size that have the look of the headset with just the microphone separated.

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