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What is Hypertext?

Definition – What does Hypertext mean?

Hypertext refers to the word, phrase or text that are links to other information. By clicking on the link in the hypertext document, the user can easily and quickly move to the different content. Usually, Hypertext is associated with the Web pages; the technology has been around science the 1960s. Computer programs that include dictionaries have long used hypertext in their definitions so that reader can easily find out more about specific words or topics.

Glossary Web explains Hypertext

The concepts of hypertext were central to the creation of the WWW (World Wide Web). Through the use of the textual links, the web pages in HTML can be linked and cross-referenced throughout the web. Apple computer uses HyperCard program that uses hypertext that enabled users to create a multi-linked database. Today, the website is where hypertext includes, where nearly all the pages include links to the other pages and both images and text can be used as links to move on the more content.

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