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What is ICS?

Definition – What does ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) mean?

ICS stands for Internet Connection Sharing is a term that allows multiple computers to connect to the same Internet connection and IP address. Such as multiple computers in a house can connect to the same DSL modem using a router. As long as the router is linked to the modem and every computer linked to the router, it is also linked to the Internet. NAT (Network Address Translation) enables the computers to share the same Internet Protocol address.

Glossary Web explains ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

Internet Connection Sharing can also be done using computer software, Microsoft Windows 98 and later, as well as Mac operating system, support ICS. This enables one system’s network settings to be modified that turn the PC into the gateway. Other PC on the same network can then use that PC’s Internet connection. Windows users can also use software solutions such as WinGate and WinProxy in order to achieve the same result. Although it is also possible to share an Internet connection using software, using hardware such as a router for ICS is the simplest and most hassle-free solution.

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