What is In-Game Purchases?


Definition – What does In-Game Purchases mean?

In-Game Purchases is used to reference points and items which the player can purchase for use within the virtual world in order to enhance the character abilities or improve playing experience. The virtual resources that the player receives in exchange for real-world money are non-physical and generally created by the game’s producers. Its primary means by which free to play games produce revenue for their makers.

Glossary Web explains In-Game Purchases

Revenue from In-Game Purchases provides an incentive for game’s developers to update their game with new playing option and products. The term mostly used in massively multiplayer online role-playing games in which a team of developers can create a complete virtual world and then launched, and video game players pay a subscription or upfront fee for the client servers. An increasing number of online video games have been addicting this service because virtual goods from such as games are already being sold in the black market that occurs over auction sites.

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