What is IVR?


Definition – What does IVR mean?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that enables humans to interact with the computing device using the voice or dual-tone multi-frequency signaling keypad. It allows customers to find answers to their own inquiries by speaking or giving input via the telephone keypad. IVR technology uses prerecorded and dynamically generated audio in order to interact with customers. The key feature of this technology is that it can handle large volumes of calls, where only simple interaction are required.

Glossary Web explains IVR

IVR systems consist numbers of telephony equipment such as software application, database, and supporting infrastructure. An organization can run an IVR in house by purchasing the hardware and software required or it can select to go through a paid hosting service that charge a monthly fee. IVR systems can be used for different purposes such as Check Bank Balance, Phone Surveys, Check Movie Time and lots of others. Because the caller can vocally respond to prerecorded messages that use the system is almost like communicate to another human being.

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