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What is Joystick?

Definition – What does Joystick mean?

The joystick is an input device mostly used to control video games. The device consists of a base and stick that can be moved in any direction. The stick can be move quickly and slowly and in different amounts. Some joystick devices have sticks that can also be rotated to left or right. Because of the flexible movements, a joystick enables it can offer much greater control then the keys on the keyboard.

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Typically, Joystick includes several buttons, most of the joystick have at least one button on the top of the stick and the other buttons in the front of the stick for the trigger. Most of the joysticks also include other buttons that can be pressed using the hand that is not guiding the stick. All the joysticks can easily connect to your computer using the basic USB or serial port connection and often come with multiple computer software that enables you to assign the function of each button.

Since the joystick device emulates the controls of planes and all the other aircraft, they are best suited for flight simulation and flying action video games. However, some video games like to use this device for other kinds of games such as fighting games, shooter games, and exploration games. Other prefers using the standard keyboard and mouse with which they are ready accustomed to. Joystick device can also be helpful as an input device for people with movement disabilities.

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