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What is Kilobyte?

Definition – What does Kilobyte mean?

A kilobyte is the smallest unit of measurement larger than a byte. The unit precedes the megabytes that contain one million bytes. While one kilobyte is 1000 bytes, it is often used synonymously with kibibytes that contain 1024 bytes. A kilobyte is mostly used to describe memory capacity and disk storage such as a plain text document file may contain 10KB of data.

Glossary Web explains Kilobyte

A bit is the lowest data measurement unit and a KB is just a convenient way to specify a greater number of bits and is equivalent to 8000 bits under SI (International System of Units). The Kilobyte is also applied in a variety of measurement contexts such as RAM or ROM, Processor cache size, iPhone memory or hard disk storage capacity. In 2000, the IEEE incorporated the IEC formal approval of SI metric prefixes the newly added SI term includes KiB equal to 1024 bytes, MiB equal to 1048576 bytes and GiB equals to 1073741824 bytes.

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