What is Laptop?


Definition – What does Laptop mean?

The laptop also knew as a notebook computer or just notebook is a portable personal computer that the user can take and use in different environments. It includes screen, keyboard, mouse and all the other major parts to run the computer. Laptop also has a battery which allows them to operate without being plugged into the power outlet. This computer is mostly in a variety of settings such as at work, in playing the game, for personal multimedia and general home computer use.

Glossary Web explains Laptop

 The first Laptop computer comes out in 1975 by IBM. Over the time, new developments in component size and processing power have made these computers increasingly functional and practical. It uses thin-screen technology in their display that is designed to be brighter and able to view at greater angles than regular monitors. Most lab tops also include several I/O ports such as USB ports that enable standard keyboards and mice can be used with the system. Latest laptops introduce a wireless technology network adapter as well as allows users to access the internet without requiring any wire. As compared to the desktop computer Laptop is much expensive because it requires smaller components that are too much expensive.

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