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What is Monitor?

Definition – What does Monitor mean?

The monitor is a visual computer display that includes screen, circuitry, and case in which that circuitry is enclosed. Early monitors made use of CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) that made them large, heavy and inefficient. Todays, flat-screen monitor is used in devices such as laptops, and desktop computers because they are lighter and more energy efficient. The monitor is also known as a screen or VDU (visual display unit).

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The advent display technology has paved the way for the continuous evolution of the monitor, whether it’s for computer, TV, or mobile devices. The current contenders for top-tier technology being used for display devices such as super LCD 3 and super AMOLED. It should be noted that the LED display is actually just kinds of LCD display that use LED light as backlight illumination. The quality of monitors performance is assessed using different factors such as Aspect Ratio, Dot Pitch and Display Resolution, etc.

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