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What is Multitasking?


Definition – What does Multitasking mean?

Multitasking is an operating system that allows the users to perform multiple tasks at the same time. It is able to keep track of where the user is in this task and go from one to the other task without losing information. Now, these days there are multiple examples available that can do multitasking such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and IBM’s OS/390 etc. Multitasking is also known as Multiprocessing.

Glossary Web explains Multitasking

Multitasking is applied in coordination with the base OS that allocates, manages and sends overall performance and tasks to the CPU. It does not require parallel execution of multiple tasks at exactly the same time. Instead, it enables more than one task to advance over given period of time. On multiprocessor computers, multitasking offers many more tasks to be run than there are CPUs.

It doesn’t mean that an unlimited number of tasks can be performed at the same time. Each task consumes system storage and resources when multiple tasks are started the system may slow down or being to run out of shared storage.

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