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What is MySpace?

Definition – What does MySpace mean?

MySpace is a leading social networking website that offers an interactive, user-submitted network of blogs, profiles, music, videos, stories, and photos, etc. It was the world’s largest social networking site from 2005 to 2009. Originally, the site found as a venue for aspiring band and musicians in order to share music and concert dates.

Glossary Web explains MySpace

MySpace has grown-up into a complex online application where users can easily create profile such as photographs, music or movie preferences. The most prominent feature of this social networking site is a chat room that allows users to easily communicate with other users around the world, share details, and send images, videos as well as locations. Forums, classifieds, groups, venue sharing videos and music these are also features of the site.

Unlike other social platforms, it also allows users to invite friends to create profiles or link to existing ones that create a true social network, which can be exponentially expanded as users with similar tastes or share friends are discovered and added. MySpace is extremely popular with teenagers and adults and has explosive growth in recent years, with the current base of more than 59 million users.

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