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What is NOC?

Definition – What does NOC (Network Operations Center) mean?

Network Operations Center is the location where a company’s servers and networking equipment are situated. The NOC may exist in either within a company’s campus or at other external location. Smaller organizations and businesses often have an internal NOC, in which local technicians administer and monitor the servers. Larger businesses may have a proper NOC setup at a location that is specially developed to house server equipment.

Glossary Web explains NOC (Network Operations Center)

NOC also called datacenters; it is always connected to the high-speed Internet connection. Large NOCs are often connected directly to the Internet backbone that gives the servers the high bandwidth possible. While Network Operations Centers are used by all Web hosting companies and Internet service providers, they are also useful to businesses whose services are not related to the Internet.

Many companies use this to manage internal calls, administer employee e-mail accounts, and create cloud data. Because keeping an Internet connection is vital to most businesses today, most Network Operations Centers are checked 24/7, with alerts that notify experts when servers or network connections are down.

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