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What is Packet?

Definition – What does Packet mean?

The packet has the meaning of the data transmitted from one place to the other over a network. Although data does not have any particular unit, the term packet becomes the synonym for a group that helps to fill the void. It is the information routed to the place of sending and the place of receiving on the internet or any other network.

Glossary Web explains Packet

The process of this transmission takes a lot of understanding. Whenever something moves on the web from the origin for its destination, the transmission control protocol distributes the file into equal parts and gives them numbers based on the importance. Each packet may travel at through different place and times within the network but sets itself on the receiver per the numbering, and this becomes possible through the TCP/IP.

Packet switching, therefore, becomes the most efficient way of dealing with transmissions on the internet. Although, other ways such as circuit switching also exist, here the dedicated path helps to decrease the time taken by the information to reach where the user wants.

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