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What is PC?

Definition – What does PC mean?

The personal computer is what most of us use on an everyday basis for work or personal use. A PC is a combination of multiple things; typically a PC includes a CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Today, most PCs also have an Internet connection, as well as ports for connecting devices such as printers, scanners, speakers, external hard drives, and other components.

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Personal computers enable you to write papers, design images, create spreadsheets, track finances, and play games, etc. If your PC is connected to the Internet connection, it can be used to browse the Web, communicate with friends, check e-mail, and download files. Personal computers have become such an integral part of our lives that it can be complex to imagine life without PC.

While normally PC stands for personal computer, it can be a bit ambiguous. This is because Mac computer is often contrasted with PCs, even though Macs are also PCs. However, Apple itself has used the PC to refer to Windows-based machines, as opposed to its own computers that are known as Macs. While the Mac and PC dilemma remains, PCs can always be compared with other kinds of computers, such as mainframes and server computers such as Web servers. In other, if you use a computer at home or at the office, you can safely call it a PC.

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