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What is PDA?

Definition – What does PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) mean?

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a little electronic device you see people jotting stuff down on in public. When you see someone with a PDA device, they will be holding it out far in front of them for everyone to see. The device become more common and more people will have them, we won’t have to deal with the user who make sure everyone else sees that they have one.

Glossary Web explains PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

The first Personal Digital Assistant was known as the Newton created by Apple in 1993. Since then, lots of other companies have jumped on the movement and have added various new designs and options to the PDA market. Unluckily, Apple’s Newton was discontinued when Apple Company was having financial difficulties in 1998. Today’s PDA devices enable you to organize your schedule, take all kinds of notes, do math calculations, write memos, play games and even surf the Internet and send e-mail without any limitation.

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