What is Peopleware?

Peopleware is a term used to describe the role of humans in the development of computers and related devices along with the software and hardware components related. It helps to give a perceptive to people who have a significant role in making these devices work for us.

Peopleware has not frequently been used over the last decade but still, exists as a major component of systems that also include hardware and software. We know that hardware is parts of the computer, whereas software is the program that runs on the system, therefore, Peopleware is the role of people in the development of both these systems. This task can include a range of things such as creating teams that work on specified jobs, the productivity of the developer, people working within groups and fixed timelines along with factors such as supply chain management, the psychology of programming, selection of relevant parts and project management.

It takes into account factors such as the development of products for people, the culture of working within the company, the learning processes, productive teams working on tasks, and the modeling of the devices according to individual requirements.

Martin Adler

Martin Adler is a Computer Engineer and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with exciting technologies. He loves to explore technical terms and try to deliver something worth reading.