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What is Recycle Bin?

Definition – What does Recycle Bin mean?

In Windows, Recycle Bin is a file or folder where all the deleted file, folder and documents are temporarily stored. It is located on the Windows desktop. When the bin is empty, the icon shows an empty recycle bin and if it contains items, the icon changes to the recycle bin with papers in it. You can easily move items to the Recycle Bin by either dragging them to the icon or by choosing the items and pressing the Delete key. You may also right-click on the items and select Delete from the menu.

Glossary Web explains Recycle Bin

Just like other windows folders it also requires a double-click to open the recycle bin that enables you to view the files that the Recycle Bin contains. However, in the sidebar of the window, there is a tasks section that includes the options such as empty the Recycle Bin and restores all items, etc. Since Windows remembers the original location of each file, if you select Restore all files in recycle bin, the files will each be placed back in their original location. It also enables you to select items individually and restore them back to their previous folders.

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