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What is RGB?

Definition – What does RGB mean?

RGB is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together in multiple ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. This color model is widely used in display technologies that use light. Level of R, G, and B can each range from 0 to 100% of full intensity. When the highest power of each color is mixed together than the white light is produced, and when each hue is set to zero intensity, the result is black.

Glossary Web explains RGB

The RGB model is based on the science of the human eye perceive light and translates it into the brain waves. This model is common for television and all the other kinds of video displays such as video game console, digital camera and other kinds of light-based display devices. An alternative mode to the RGB model is the CMYK model that is used for color printing. This model uses the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black that is known as the key. Whereas the RGB color model is addictive, the CMYK is subtractive. This is because the CMYK color model uses colored inks in order to mask colors on the white background and subtracts brightness from that white background.

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