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What is SDK?

Definition – What does SDK (Software Development Kit) mean?

SDK (Software Development Kit) is a group of software that is used for developing applications for the specific operating system or device. It includes an integrated development environment that serves as the central programming interface. The integrated development environment may include a programming window for writing source code, debugger fixing errors, a visual editor that enable developers to create and edit graphical user-interface easily. Integrated programming environment also includes a compiler that is used to create an application from the source code files.

Glossary Web explains SDK (Software Development Kit)

Today, most of the SDK contains sample code that offers developers with several example programs and complete libraries. These sample help programmers learn how to build a basic program with the SDK that enables them to create more complicated eventually and features rick application. SDK also provide technical documentation that may include tutorials and FAQs. There are also multiple kinds of SDKs are available that may contain sample graphics such as icons and buttons that can be incorporated into the application.

Since most of the businesses want to encourage developers to create applications for their platforms, the software development kits are normally offered free of charge. Programmers can easily download an SDK from the business’s website and start programming immediately. However, each software development kit is different and can take a while for developers to learn how to use a new SDK. Therefore, several modern SDKs includes extensive documentation and have an intuitive programming interface that helps incentivize program development.

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