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What is Server Software?

Definition – What does Server Software mean?

Server is a computer program or a device that provide functionality for other programs or devices known as clients. The server software is a type of software that is specially designed to be used, operate and manage on a server device or program. It provides the facilities with the attaching of underlying server computer powers of use with an array of high-end computing services and functions.

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Server Software is mainly built to interact with the server’s hardware infrastructure such as the processor, storage, memory and all the other communication ports. The software may be classified into the multiple forms that depend on the type or usage of the server such as a Web Server Software, Application Server Software and File Server Software etc. Each server utilizes the server for different functions and services, but all focus their main objective on using inherent computer capacity and resources.

The task of selecting the best server operating system largely depends on the hardware available, software system requirement; programming languages already present and all the other main purpose of the server. Linux, Unix and Windows Server Variants these are three major examples of the server operating system.

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