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What is Shift Key?

Definition – What does Shift Key mean?

Shift Key is a modifier key that is used to type capital letters and all the other alternate upper characters. When the shift key is not being processed, letters are entered as the lowercase by default, and when the user holds down the Shift Key while typing a letter, they capitalized version of the letter is entered. The ship key also affects the other keys on the keyboard such as the numbers near the top of the keyboard have to symbol above them. These symbols are used when you hold the Shift Key while typing the corresponding numbers.

Glossary Web explains Shift Key

Since Shift Key is a modifier key, it can also be used in conjunction with the mouse. For example, lots of the functions will enable you to choose more than one items by holding down the Shift and clicking several items on the screen. It can be used to select the section to the text by clicking in one sport, hold shift and then click in another sport. The Shift Key is also used to perform shortcut commands, Control+Shift+S is the most common example of the shortcut command.

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