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What is SLA?

Definition – What does SLA (Software License Agreement) mean?

A software license agreement (SLA) is a contract between the software developer and the user. While software used to come with a hard copy of the SLA, most of the SLAs are now distributed digitally. For example, usually, a software license agreement is displayed on your screen during the software installation process. After scrolling through the agreement, you will see a button that says, I Agree. By clicking the button, you agree to all the terms of the SLA and therefore are enabled to install and use the software.

Glossary Web explains SLA (Software License Agreement)

Most of the SLAs (software license agreements) are rather long and cover a lot of legal terms. It may include license limitations including how many systems the software may be installed on and how many people can use the program. Many SLAs also include disclaimers that state the software developer is not liable for problems that are caused by the software. While these disclaimers are often numerous paragraphs in length, they are basically saying, Use at your own risk.

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